Posted by: Deb Henry | 04/10/2012

Delegate Email #1 for my campaign for County Council

Dear Delegate,

When Jani Iwamoto announced she would not be running for re-election on the Salt Lake County Council, the committee I am chairing to get more women elected statewide had the challenge to find someone who could fill her shoes. With only a few days to go, and thanks to encouragement from our community, I decided to step up and make sure that Salt Lake County continued to be in good hands.

It is not enough just to know the issues. Each of us has to be ready to be a part of creating the solutions.

You became a delegate because you, too, care about the intersection of the challenges facing our county and wanted a voice in selecting the representative who shares your vision for a better world and more accountability in our elected officials.

My name is Deb Henry and I would like to earn your vote for Salt Lake County Council, District #4.

When I chose Salt Lake County as my home more than 5 years ago, I chose Utah because of the beauty, economic potential, and quality of life that I felt were unparalleled anywhere in the nation. I hit the ground running volunteering on the Obama campaign and starting the Farmer’s Market voter registration booth at Pioneer Park with some friends. We have registered thousands of new voters, and the effort continues to this day. I have worked on campaigns to get quality leaders elected. I ran for leadership of the Utah Democratic Party to encourage more people like you to get involved. The committee to get more women to run for office has a fresh crop of leaders ready to go for this November.

I have served as volunteer coordinator for KRCL community radio bringing our community together through music and community events. I worked directly for Governor Huntsman to understand how our state government nurtures leadership in our county. I have also helped organize nationwide efforts to get more people involved in grassroots organizing around the issues of climate change and social justice.

This election is not about me.

This election is about you choosing a leader that genuinely wants your participation in the process and will open doors for you to continue participation long after the polls are closed. I have a long history of quality communication skills both in person and with social media. I expect you to hold me accountable and to engage with me on a regular basis. Together, we will raise the bar for civic engagement, accountability in our elected officials and protection of our local economy — without sacrificing our environment.

I look forward to working with you after convention to engage our neighbors and bring them back into the political process — but first I need your vote at the Salt Lake County Convention this Saturday, April 14th.

Feel free to browse my campaign website, blog and my social media sites to get to know me better. If I can answer any questions for you or you want to talk about issues that are important to you in more depth, please feel free to contact me directly if I haven’t contacted you already.

See you on Saturday!

Deb Henry
Candidate for Salt Lake County Council, District #4



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