Posted by: Deb Henry | 02/08/2012

Guess Who is Running for Office?

YOU, or someone you know — hopefully.

There are 150+ offices up for election in November of 2012, and the deadline to register is in March. We need more trustworthy, smart women in office. Can you suggest someone who you respect in your community that would excel in a leadership role? Over 50% of women currently in office were asked to run by someone they respected. If you give us the names, we will make sure our Utah Democrat Matriarchs help us do the rest.

When we run for office in our communities, our neighbors show up to vote. It increases Democratic voter turnout because this time, it’s personal and a few votes can make a real difference. If we can show disenfranchised citizens that a Democrat can effectively handle a local elected office, they are much more likely to consider voting for another Democrat in the future. Running for ANY office is a service to our community because of the conversations it starts and the voters it invigorates. Leadership is a privilege. There are far too many people in politics (affecting our lives daily) comfortable in their jobs because no one runs against them. You can help.

Since Fall of 2011, the 70/100 Committee has been working with 75+ powerful females in our community who share their experiences, help research the positions available, develop the trainings women want to see, and spend time designing an effective long-term strategy for getting more women elected in Utah.

We are in the process of raising funds to support this effort, including a paid staff position to answer questions from you and future candidates. (I will continue to act in this capacity until we find a good match for a director.) We will be implementing important trainings, pooling our networks of friends, and creating a powerful network of empowered women ready to take back our government.

Please, help us make sure each of these offices has a Democrat running for office. Share this invitation and submission form via your networks, Facebook, and other social media.

Submit names here (with this easy link to remember):

For more information on our efforts, and the work that has already been done, check out this FAQ:

Our deadline is mid-March, so please submit a few names today.

We need more women in office to give young girls someone normal to look up to and to encourage them to be strong, independent women. Check out the documentary Miss Representation about women in office, then commit to changing the playing field.



  1. Thaanks for finally writng about >Guess Who is Running for Office?

    | hey deb henry… <Liked it!

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