Posted by: Deb Henry | 01/30/2012

Save the Libraries!

It would be fantastic if libraries had a prominent “share” button in their online catalogs so that I could link to the library’s collection of resources. I like to make recommendations or refer to books and I would prefer to point them to a library book  instead of linking to Amazon’s store (granted, out of habit).

I would love to be able to remind people they can get books I am recommending at the library, and not just the store or from a . Libraries are so important to our communities from giving someone without a computer an opportunity to apply for a job online to being able to utilize a librarian trained in the mastery of accurate research.

This is a book that the library has, but yet I linked to Amazon (because I am a jerk). The book is about the mis-perception that America’s justice system is at all fair. Many of the systemic problems we identified and discussed at our Occupy camp in Salt Lake were a result of a broken criminal justice system and organizations like ALEC that ghostwrite much of the legislation introduced by politicians that exacerbates our prison-industrial complex. The Nation has a great series on ALEC’s permeating influence on our government.

The United States has 5% of the world’s population and 25% of the world’s incarcerated.

ALEC will be having their annual conference here in SLC in July. Feel free to join us here in SLC for the festivities! 😉

…but I digress; save the libraries and then read this book:



  1. DC library has a share button! My personal favorite way to get book is library + amazon. So far every book I’ve reason my kindle I got from the library.

  2. Apparently, just after 1980, something horrible happened in the US, and we’ve never recovered. If only we could remember:

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