Posted by: Deb Henry | 10/02/2011

Utah Redistricting Rally: Monday, 10/3/11, 11:30am

Legislators will vote TODAY to finalize new voting districts for Utah in a special session of the Utah Legislature.

This is another attempt like last year’s HB477 GRAMA bill for the House and Senate to protect their own interests and take power away from the people of Utah. We need you to join the rally at 11:30am – public outcry changed GRAMA – it’s time we make our voice heard again.

Instead of listening to the people, the Legislature has suddenly chosen to adopt maps that were drawn in secret where legislators chose their own districts and ignored the demands of the people. The people of Utah should be choosing their representation, not the people in office choosing their own districts. These maps will determine our voting districts for the next 10 years and will split up towns, cities and counties in their current configuration. Our communities will have their voices diluted in order to maximize the influence of a few elite power brokers in the Utah House and Senate.

To see the maps:

Senator Ben McAdams has summed up the situation this way:

“A map was drafted in secret, sprung on the committee by surprise in the middle of a meeting, adopted two days later by the committee and is heading for approval by the legislature on Monday. They learned nothing from their failed attempt to repeal open government laws a few short months ago. They did it again with this map that seeks to overturn the election of Jim Matheson by putting his voters in to other congressional districts so he can’t win. We should be outraged. I hope you’ll show up to the rally at the Capitol on Monday at 11:30 to let them know.”

This is NOT a partisan issue. The people of Utah want maps where towns and county interests are kept together. We want maps that use simple metrics to reflect their impartiality to elite interests in the Legislature.

Let’s take Ben’s advice and gather TODAY (Monday) for lunch at 11:30 for a Fair Districts Rally where we will demand that fair districts be drawn that keep communities of interest together. Pizza and doughnuts will be served to reflect the Legislature trying to “slice” up our communities.


Kelli Lundgren, RepresentMeUtah!
Glenn Wright, Fair Boundaries
Jenn Gonnelly, League of Woman Voters
David Irvine, Utah Citizens Counsel
Josh Kanter, Alliance for a Better Utah
Salt Lake County Mayor Peter Corroon
Ashley Anderson, Peaceful Uprising

Parking will be difficult at the Capitol so we have arranged for parking and transport from 155 S 600 W (thank you Centro Civico) for those unenthused about wrangling for parking. Contact your representatives in the House and Senate NOW and ask your friends to contact their representatives. Find your representatives by plugging in your address here. Call and email until your voice is heard!
  • For more information: Redistricting Survey — reflects the desire of the people to keep communities together
“The most common way people give up their power is by thinking they don’t have any.” – Alice Walker

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