Posted by: Deb Henry | 03/09/2011

Power to the People!

Tim DeChristopher and supporters right after he was convicted.

We experienced a revolution here in Salt Lake City surrounding Tim DeChristopher’s trial. The revolution was powered by the energy of Peaceful Uprising and the many normal, everyday people who have had enough of letting the currents and tides of our fickle government control their future. While I digest the events of the last week, I have a few thoughts I want to express before I can construct a cohesive summary of how inspired I am for our future.

People from all over North America came to join Peaceful Uprising in support of Tim. Some hitchhiked by themselves to get here, others packed up their bags and settled in on SLC prepared to stick around for the long haul (not realizing how quickly Tim’s fate would be put into the hands of 12 jurors). Still others  came in and helped us prepare weeks before– and then left us with the confidence and assurance that we could and would create everything we needed for the uprising.

People I had never met before instantaneously became great friends. Individuals showed up and entrusted in our community their respect and their support.  Individuals like you and I decided they had enough and joined us in raising their voice. The energy that focused on SLC like a laser beam was an incredible feeling. Each of these people came here and people-powered our movement like a tight ball of energy with a monumental gravitational pull. Most of my new friends have now returned home with stories about their experience to empower those around them. A few visitors are thinking about calling Salt Lake City their home and continuing with us on this journey. These uprisings all over the world are not a fluke. The energy in Wisconsin and Egypt empowered us and the shift of consciousness that is palpable in Salt Lake City will surely inspire more people to take peaceful action in their communities.

Never forget how powerful you are. You can create change right now. You don’t need a leader. You are a leader. Surround yourself with people who encourage, embrace and support your vision.

“The power of the people is stronger than the people in power.”

– Wael Ghonim


I love you all.



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