Posted by: Deb Henry | 11/03/2010

I am running for office!

UPDATE: I lost by 4 votes to a girl who was at a football game instead of at the convention. Thank you to everyone that made it a priority to participate in the election.

After the losses and close calls that took place in yesterday’s elections, the only reprieve I have is to commit to working that much harder to make a difference in our community. I have been a peripheral member of the Young Democrats of Utah for quite a while now but I am interested in building up our membership in order to make an even bigger difference than we already do.

I love community-building and this is one more opportunity for me to make a difference with you in our community. I love traveling and have the time and resources to do so. I am looking forward to helping Utah build a stronger, more organized Democratic base.

  • HERE is a link where you can “like” my facebook page and get updates.

Convention will be at the Utah Opera Production Studios on Saturday, November 13th, at 11:00am. Please add it to your calendar now so that you don’t forget to come vote!


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