Posted by: Deb Henry | 10/25/2010

Why Duchesne County needs Peter Corroon as Governor

Duchesne County, Utah

Duchesne County may only have 14,000 of Utah’s 2.7 million residents but the county is also home to some of the most beautiful and delicate recreation areas in our diverse state. The Duchesne Chamber of Commerce’s mission statement states its goal as “promoting tourism, recreation, directing economic development and striving to enhance the environment for business expansion & retention.” It is for this reason that Duchesne County should choose Peter Corroon to respect their quality of life.

The recent Strawberry River Oil Spill where an estimated 15-20 barrels of crude oil were dumped into the Strawberry River and entered the Duchesne River could have been (even more) disastrous for the region. Because the responsible party for the oil spill was never found, the county is now responsible for over $400,000 in clean-up costs.

The people of Duchesne deserve a Governor who values their resources and will not let a lack of accountability continue to be a theme of our government. Business expansion and retention in Duchesne relies on a stable energy platform with which to plan the future of economic development in Duchesne County as well as throughout Utah.

It is a matter of United States National Security that we move in the direction of energy independence and self-reliance. Utah is the only state in the inter-mountain west that has lost clean energy jobs over the last few years. We have an opportunity to be an international leader in the development of a diverse solutions to meet our goal of energy independence. This opportunity is being squandered by the current administration by a lack of leadership.

Herbert’s Governor’s Energy Initiative Task Force held a public hearing (which he left early) to gather input on Utah’s 10-year energy plan just one day after Utah Division of Oil, Gas and Mining gave final approval for a tar sands mine in Eastern Utah — not far from Duchesne. This is backwards. Allowing the tar sand mine to move forward while questions remain about the impact to our rivers and  quality of life — is poor leadership.

Peter Corroon has already shown leadership in energy development.  Peter has also committed to supporting job creation in the traditional energy sector like coal, oil and natural gas — the difference being that Corroon does not believe any one  sector should control the market for energy, especially if that sector has shown itself to be irresponsible with the health and job security of its workforce. This year, Salt Lake County under Corroon’s leadership will complete the largest solar photovoltaic project in Utah’s history.  Gary Herbert seems to be content allowing the tar sand mine to move forward for a negligible quantity of oil and few jobs at the expense of the residents of Eastern Utah.

It is disingenuous for the current administration to claim they care about Duchesne County when their actions show otherwise.

Duchesne County should choose Peter Corroon as their next Governor.


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