Posted by: Deb Henry | 05/24/2010

Corporations, citizen initiatives, Elena Kagen and power grabs

This is a story from NPR today talking about corporations sponsoring citizens’ ballot initiatives in California. Corporations having this kind of power is extremely dangerous, especially when they frame their intent as putting power into the hands of the people. Unfortunately they are whittling away at your rights and the protections that our Founding Fathers built into the Constitution. The story is 5 minutes long.

Here is a short article from the New Yorker magazine talking about how Elena Kagen’s appointment to the Supreme Court will affect corporate power.

80,078 people have signed a motion at to protect local communities from corporate power grabs such as the ballot initiatives in California.  Learn more about how corporations made democracy illegal here.

Claudia Wright is running for Congress in Utah. Her belief is that many Congressional obstacles could be avoided if our representatives were not indebted to corporations and lobbyists that are fearful of losing money and power. Please support her campaign by donating a few dollars right now.



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