Posted by: Deb Henry | 04/19/2010

Airport food is…

… gross.

Whenever hunger pains hit in an airport, I lament over my lack of choices and lack of planning. Most likely I am going to have trouble finding something healthy at all, let alone vegetarian or vegan. I can almost guarantee it’s going to be expensive. The ingredients in the food at the airport are out of my control whereas if I made something myself, I would know more precisely what I am eating.

Today I flew in from Philly and was reminded how much of a choice it is to be healthy. Walking to the train station (trains!) along the Schulkill River I passed dozens of people using their lunch breaks to run, jog, or ride a bike. I longed to be galloping along the path enjoying a wonderful (and rare) beautiful day on the east coast.

Do yourself a favor today and choose behaviors and inputs that contribute to who you want to become instead of drain the spirit you work so hard to maintain. (Yes, I mean you Deb Henry.)



  1. Rare beautiful east coast day? No way man, the weather has been gorgeous out here for a solid month now.

  2. As a vegetarian and picky eater, I never travel without a bag of my own food. You can take a grocery bag of food on any plane, and it does not count against your carryon allotment. Food is exempt. You can take fresh fruit, salad, crackers, cheese, sandwiches, cookies, nuts, granola bars, anything that’s not a “gel” (like yogurt, pudding, soft cheeses). I also always grab an empty water bottle that I can fill up after going through security.

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