Posted by: Deb Henry | 03/04/2010

You have alternatives to owning a car and driving alone

Carpool — This involves having an agreement with one or many people to split the cost of a trip. There are several websites where you can post a trip you take that you’re willing to share, or conversely a trip you want to take, and share with someone else. There may not be anyone available right now that takes that trip but by you initiating that request, someone can find you when there is.

eRideShare – the ‘e’ is for ‘easy’ …one of many rideshare/carpool websites

Slugging — Slugging is a new concept, even for me.  Originating in Washington DC, it refers to one-time carpools so that people can use the HOV lanes. There’s even an iPhone application that helps you find rides, and rides to find you. There is very little commitment, so you can use it whenever it is convenient for you.

U Car Share — Utah’s Car Share. The cars are sprinkled all over the valley, even outside of Salt Lake. You sign-up online, block out a time you want to borrow a car near you, and use it for as long as you need it, returning it to that spot when you’re finished.

ZipCar – There are over 6,500 Zipcars in 28 North American states and provinces as well as London, England.

Car Sharing on Wikipedia

Bike Sharing – I’d love to see this on the U of U and BYU’s campuses! Imagine how easy it would be to get around once at school!


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