Posted by: Deb Henry | 02/17/2010

Global Warming hates America.

“If you haven’t had a chance to read HJR 12 yet check it out at:

After forming your own opinion on the matter let the senators on the Senate Workforce Services and Community and Economic Development Committee, who will be voting on the resolution Friday at 2:00 pm, know what you think.

Written or typed letters and phone calls are the most effective means of conveying your thoughts to these senators. Interns often read and reply to emails, but elected officials are very likely to personally read and reply to something they receive in the mail. Be sure to send your letters in the next day or two as the vote is on Friday.

The three most important senators to swing right now appear to be Sen. Stevenson, Sen. Okerlund, and Sen. Madsen. If you only have three stamps I’d suggest sending letters to these three senators first.

Below are the emails, addresses, and telephone numbers of these senators. If you receive a noteworthy reply to your emails or letters be sure to let the rest of the group know by posting it on the wall.

Drew Thompson


Dear all,

It looks like those on the hill in support of HJR12 smelt defeat and moved the resolution to a new committee at the last minute. HJR 12 has been moved from the Senate Workforce Committee to the Senate Natural Resources, Agriculture, and Environment Committee. This means that the senators voting on the resolution have changed to the people listed below and the vote will occur this Friday at 8:00 am instead of 2:00 pm. This will likely reduce the amount of people who can attend on Friday, but if you are able to make it this Friday at 8:00 am we could definitely use the support.

It is crucial for us to contact this new list of senators as soon as possible. It’s likely that the committee was changed to ensure that the resolution will pass. You can just forward the emails you sent to the last committee members to these new senators. Two of the senators, Okerlund and Morgan, serve on both committees. If you are not able to make it to the meeting this Friday due to the time change you may want to mention that in your email.

On another note, High Road for Human Rights is collecting signatures in opposition to HJR 12. Check out before Friday to add your name to the list.

Drew Thompson

Sen. Dennis E. Stowell (R) (Beaver, Garfield, Iron, Kane, Millard, Washington)
Home: (435) 477-8143
Cell: (435) 559-8143

Sen. Allen M. Christensen (R) (Morgan, Summit, Weber)
Home: (801) 782-5600
Cell: (801) 710-0315

Sen. Gene Davis (D) (Salt Lake)
Home: (801) 484-9428
Office: (801) 484-9442

Sen. Margaret Dayton (R) (Utah)
Home: (801) 221-0623

Sen. Karen W. Morgan (D) (Salt Lake)
Home: (801) 943-0067
Office: (801) 538-1406

Sen. Ralph Okerlund (R) (Juab, Piute, Sanpete, Sevier, Tooele, Wayne)
Home: (435) 527-3370
Cell: (435) 979-7077

My Letter:

Hello Senators,

Like you, I can be conservative. I want Utah to be a welcoming and attractive place for businesses of all kinds, and not waste resources harbor dying technologies at taxpayer cost.  I also understand why you would not want the federal government meddling in our business, but I take issue with HJR 12 for the following reasons:

** Increasing energy costs: I am not sure how this was calculated, but the external costs of continuing to burn coal on Utah are ruining our ski and tourism industry, one of the major components of our economy. The snow collects the fine particulates from the air which induces a much lower melting point — creating worsening ski conditions. The more sunlight the dark snow absorbs, the faster the melting happens. Can Utah survive without the ski industry? This is happening right now.

** “Costs” need to take into consideration the consequences on the air quality and health of the people here in Utah. Saying that alternatives would “cost” more does not take into consideration the health costs of continuing to burn fossil fuels, the loss of development of new sustainable energy and revenue sources, or the loss of intellectual power as we ignore new fields of study.  If the coal, natural gas and oil subsidies were taken away, there would be a very healthy market for alternative energies. Right now, they’re not even given the ability compete on the market. Championing these subsidized energy sources is the naive and stubborn side to be on. We need to level the playing field, not kill a developing source of revenue.

** I urge you not to make this preemptive statement. It is embarrassing to explain to friends in other states why we are making statements with no citations  to support the conclusions. I am worried you have been given skewed data and have not had time to do your own independent evaluation of the facts. Please don’t succumb to the peer-pressure of rushing into this bill. I hope you trust your well-being to these facts, for if you are wrong, there are grave consequences both for our economy and world.

** The immense volume of snow on the east coast recently gives a *very clear* signal that more water is evaporating from the ocean to fuel these storms, which indicates rises in temperatures of the ocean climate.  “Climategate” was a small group of scientists and does not account for everyone who is concerned about changes to our climate. To take a grudge against science because of them is irrational. To even cite a news headline in a legal document like this bill is misguided. Take a look at time-lapse pictures of Glacier National Park to see the changes yourself.

** If we wanted to, we could be the pioneer of future new energy markets. We could be the first and the best. Businesses would flock to us. This does not mean turning a cold shoulder to the coal industry, it means supporting ALL new technologies in the spirit of Governor Huntsman’s unbiased leadership. While it is comfortable to stick to the old habit of coal without exploring new technologies, our research, education opportunities, and new business ventures will suffer. We could be creating new jobs as we invite technology to blossom in our state instead of pointing fingers at the federal government.

I would appreciate if you spent time working on issues we have here in our own state, instead of posturing for the federal government. We have other elected officials to do that for us.

With liberty and justice for all,

Deb Henry


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