Posted by: Deb Henry | 02/16/2010

Saving Energy…

Nothing upsets me more than spending money on something that I don’t use…which is why I canceled my Netflix subscription!

But, I digress.  I leave the building I work in at night quite often, and many of the lights are on. There are some people who I work with that take personal offense to anyone shutting off the lights anywhere on their floor and turn them ALL back on. There are multiple divisions in the building, so I can’t blame anyone directly.

I need your help. I am trying to make saving energy a normal,  casual affair to my co-workers.  Do you have any suggestions as to how I can convince my peers to shut off their computers at night, or at least the lights near their desks without seeming like Big Brother?  I’ve noticed people in Utah are very sensitive to the perception of being told what to do from merging at an on-ramp to …merging at all.  It’s as if it is a personal affront. For a state that calls itself so conservative, why don’t we try to save more?  I don’t understand the cognitive dissonance at work here.  I would think people would be tripping over each other to save money.  How can I encourage more people to care/ take responsibility? Please enlighten me!

I’d also like suggestions of “energy facts” that I can post such as “If every family in America bought one roll of recycled toilet paper, we’d save xxx energy, yyy trees and prevent zzz cubic feet in carbon emissions”  …or if that’s too tree-hugger for this crowd, maybe something about money saved per light shut off? Please include citations!

Please also let me know if you know other taboo subjects to be sensitive about. There was a conversation the other day about how wonderful Walmart is for the local economy and I almost fainted.


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