Posted by: Deb Henry | 01/30/2010

John cares about you, Salt Lake.

As you probably know, you cannot put your glass bottles in the blue recycling bins that Salt Lake City provides for residents. There are separate facilities that you can bring your glass to if it pains you ethically to toss it in with the trash. One of the problems with these bins is that the glass might not be going to recycling facilities. DJ Waldow covers that in this post. Fortunately, the wonderfully conscious Uinta Brewery will guarantee the recycling of your brown glass, so there are alternatives. They’re on 1700 South and you can get something to eat in their restaurant while you’re there to thank them for providing these free facilities.

Today was errand day, and one of those errands was to dispose of the piles of glass stocking up in my recycling bin. One of the SLC glass recycling facilities is just a few minutes away on 900 East near I-80. There was a man there who was going through the giant bin that the city contracts to take away all your cardboard one you dispose of your glass. I thought it was curious that the man was dealing with such a large volume of boxes and asked him about it. Turns out — it pains John to know that these bins are full of boxes that have no been broken down properly. He pointed out that a truck comes to pick up these bins and that they haul it away regardless of if it is a dumpster full of hundreds of broken down boxes, or a dumpster filled with many less (and much bulkier) built boxes. He said he was hoping to save a trip for a truck and save the air some emissions, by breaking down the boxes himself. He was on his 4th day breaking down boxes for a few hours each day.

Isn’t that nice of him?

I challenge YOU to find the one thing that you can do on a regular basis that will save one trip in the car, or make one person’s life a little easier. Maybe you could crush the aluminum cans that you recycle so more of them fit in the recycling truck. Maybe you could make sure the boxes you recycle in your own bin, or take to the SLC facilities, are broken down. We could each break down a few extra boxes down every time we drop our own glass off.

Let’s pay John’s actions forward. Every little thing you do adds up to a better world.


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