Posted by: Deb Henry | 01/21/2010

Stop Gerrymandering in Utah.

Gerrymandering is one of those words that I heard a long time ago in social studies class.  I knew the word  in reference to diminishing the minority vote many years ago, but didn’t realize discrimination based on redistricting is still going on today, specifically in Utah.  Communities with similar economic, cultural and social characteristics are divided, making them less compact.  Moab and Park City are split in an odd way, as well as Ogden, not to mention many other communities.

Fair Boundaries is a voter initiative to make sure that the people choose who represents them instead of letting the politicians choose who they want to represent.  It creates an independent commission that chooses the boundaries for districts to decrease discrimination.  In order to get this on the ballot in November, we need 95,000 signatures SOON!

Gerrymandering promotes non-responsiveness by creating safe, non-competitive election districts for those in power.  Your vote is your voice.  Make it count by supporting redistricting reform and an independent process.

More details about this situation are on the Fair Boundaries website.

Right now, the most important thing you can do is sign the petition, which will get the initiative on the ballot.  We have less than 100 days to get all the signatures we need, so we need your help to carry the message.  Please ask three of your friends to sign the petition now.

Other things you can do:  Join the Facebook Group and invite friends. Follow Fair Boundaries on Twitter.

The value of our votes depends on your help.



  1. Hi Deb,

    my name is Kim and I am working with a group of like-minded Utahns who are staging a rally this coming Saturday to bring attention to this issue. This is likely just the first of several events we will hold in an effort to educate voters about this problem. Anything you can do to help us spread the word would be much appreciated. More information can be found at our website or here:

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