Posted by: Deb Henry | 12/23/2009

I found a use for Google Wave!

We’re working with a ton of raw data. and are vetting ways to manage this data with a big focus on how resource intensive the management is going to be… so many of the pieces are in limbo.  We can talk about it over Google Wave and edit other people’s comments to make sure everyone is on the same page. Then we can invite people into the conversation as they are needed and they can see everything we’ve talked about and already handled. This is very helpful since all of us work different hours in different offices throughout the city.

I could also see it to plan a huge party — as organizing the KRCL party was very time-intensive.  500 guests and an all volunteer staff for a radio station… scattered all over the city getting things for the party/ addressing logistical problems. Everyone could just update the Google Wave as things got taken care of.  It would be an online to-do list with people being able to trade and share tasks. As we got more volunteers, they could see the whole wave and make their suggestions as to things we were forgetting about.

The most valuable tool, I think is being able to edit other people’s posts. You can correct misunderstandings they have and then everyone can see that correction and move forward from that point.

I’ve found that it makes project managers much more valuable as delegation is transparent and things that need to get done are much more obvious. The manager doesn’t need to quibble over the little stuff, just has to keep the boat on course.

More great ways to take advantage of Google Wave:

Google Wave’s Best Use Cases – Lifehacker



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