Posted by: Deb Henry | 10/06/2009

An open letter to The Catalyst from KRCL’s Program Director

“Greta deJong,
Just what do you think you’re publishing? It’s disconcerting to know that what passes as “fit-to-print” at the Catalyst is unsubstantiated rumor. You printed a paranoid email from a disgruntled former employee who is worried about robots from the future. You did not give KRCL an opportunity to respond, nor did you check your facts. This letter is the type of reliable celebrity gossip found on Perez Hilton. I would not have given audience to a former Catalyst employee taking you to task because, rather than using photoshop, they preferred using glue sticks and scissors to layout your magazine. If by some chance I did care, KRCL would have at least given you the benefit of the doubt and a phone call.
G Selector is a sophisticated software application that can be used for a variety of tasks. We use it as a fancy digital library. David Perschon never understood how we used G Selector. A machine does not program KRCL, humans do and they always will. In fact, no one benefitted more from G Selector than David. He took extended leaves and frequent time off which would not have been possible without G Selector. David was fired for making poor decisions as an employee; his letter that you published is a testament to his lack of impulse control.
Publishing this letter insults my coworkers, volunteers, KRCL members and the countless hours we have all put in to programming KRCL. Furthermore, this letter questions the talent, integrity and ability of our three weekday hosts. Our newest host, Jamie Gadette, has been with us for a month and her worth is being questioned by the angry, reckless employee that she replaced.
I look forward to reading the retraction and apology in the next issue of the Catalyst.”

Ryan Tronier
Program Director


  1. Hmmm. You are a volunteer at KRCL and Ryan is one of your mentors? How does he feel about you posting his private email to The Catalyst on the web?

    • I got his permission first, of course.

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