Posted by: Deb Henry | 09/03/2009

If food is the way to a man’s heart…

…than I am in a bit of trouble in that department, because I have no idea how to cook.

Let me qualify this further. I know how to buy cereal and milk in the same shopping trip and mix them together in anything concave. I also know how to unwrap frozen burritos and put them in the toaster oven. My specialty is buying delicious hot food in Whole Foods and then waiting until I get home to eat it.

Unfortunately, I never took the time to learn to cook. Mom was busy with her own business and starting non-profits and those things that New Jersey moms do. My parents also started off pretty frugal, using coupons and allocating x amount of money to the weeks food for the whole family. It probably didn’t help that I grew up Irish and as a city girl…so potatoes, giant hunks of fatty meat, and pasta were a part of pretty much every meal.

Anyway, enough about that. I only learned how to eat right after several years in college dropping some serious poundage and learning Baked Lays were not part of a balanced diet. I’ve been getting by since then knowing what is good for me and what is not, but I’ve always entrusted my taste buds to someone else.

Honestly, it’s just embarrassing to not be able to cook. I do not truly feel like a woman without having a basic knowledge of how one would make a tomato sauce or even how to make a stir fry for fajitas. I also spend way too much money on booze and food going out…and since I am in Utah now, and need to plan for the Apocalypse…I need to start hoarding dried foods and be able to whip up food for the sake of my relationships with people that care about me.

Lisan and I have dedicated Sundays to “learning how to cook” and I got that process started today by buying basic things everyone normally has on hand…a few jars of tomato sauce, pasta, beans, lentils, more beans. Eggs. frozenburritosjustincase. plain oatmeal. ohhh and a red pepper. My garden is kinda sexy this year but the peppers didn’t do so well :/ I’m willing to give a dollar for a perfect looking red pepper.

Anyway, this whole thing stemmed from a desire to be self-sufficient and decrease the percentage of things I buy that come with packaging. As much as I would love to meet someone who would cook for me, I really need to do this for my own well-being so that I know I can take care of myself.


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